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Project Description
This generator allows for users to eliminate the need to spend much time writing a data access layer. Generates c# classes and SQL Server stored procedures. Requires use of "StandardDAC" code.

Generator can be used as a Visual Studio Addin or Windows Forms App.

Project Status / Important Notes -- ALPHA
The initial release has full support for "SQL Server" and "iSeries (through OLE)" CRUD Generation and Integration.

OleDB, ODBC, and OracleClient have limited support. It will manage connections, let you call stored procedures / inline sql, and set up your own class bindings manually to these connections. It doesn't support generating CRUD / Classes, though.

This has not been thoroughly test as of yet.
The Generator has not been thoroughly documented as of yet.
The OleDB, ODBC, and OracleClient components of the Standard DAC have not been thoroughly documented as of yet.
The SqlClient component of the Standard DAC has been fairly well documented.

Added in a "Favorite References" area. Hope you like, it's what I always wanted... so I'm shoehorning it in here.

Caveats or Performance Issues?
This is really a solution for small to mid-range solutions. The performance is mostly linked to the creation of a new connection for each command. I would not think that it would be too hard to update the Standard DAC to allow for larger scale applications, BUT since I don't really have a large scale application to test this type of interaction, I'm not going to program for it at the moment. If you want to join this project though....?

Project Members?
I'm the only person working on this right now, so only so much will get done. I wouldn't mind some help, though. heh.

Project Direction
My next steps:
  1. Finish documenting and flushing out any changes to the StandardDAC.
  2. Generate MySql generator -- (In Process)
  3. Generate OracleClient generator (i don't have oracle so I'm putting this off until I either get some help, or I feel the rest of the solution is fairly flushed out)
  4. Make extending the generator easier... (ie: some kind of plugin framework. I need some major help with this)

So, the addin appears here:
So, here's how the Stored Procedure Generation screen looks:
So, here's how the Class Generation screen looks (this has changed a little bit, but not much):
So, here's how the View/Add References screen looks:

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